I am not a Number! I am a Mentor/TEAM Student!

For some reason, we are admitting students after Labour Day more than any other year I can remember.

Now this is not uncommon at TEAM School; the fact that we have an individualized academic programme for each student allows us to admit students at almost any point of the school year. It is also not that uncommon in our high school programmes as international students await visa applications and the like.

Yesterday we had 4 students writing an entrance assessment and in each case, the parents felt that the current school was not delivering on promises that were made in the spring and even into September. We even got the compliment of “I have always wished our current school was more like yours” (which makes me wonder why they weren’t here in the first place…).

The best stories always come from the Mentor high school division, though. As Mr. Whyte says “the story is always the same every year….a student who decides on their own to try a new school after many years at Mentor College. With hesitant parental support, it is allowed and the students are on their way. They then come in to see me hoping for a spot here after their week elsewhere…”. Mr. Whyte tells me that these requests actually come from the students (not parents) and he always hears the same comments:

“I have a comfort zone here.”
“The teachers are so fantastic and really care.”
“The students here generally all want to succeed.”
“At the new school I felt I was just a number.”
“I got there and realized how great I had it here.”
“The principals at the other school don’t know anyone’s name.”

and his favourite:

“I miss wearing the uniform!”

He says that his favourite part is seeing the knowing smiles on the parents when he meets with the family. Their faces say, “We let them make the mature decision to try something else, and they made the even-more-mature decision to return”. We know why we have such smart kids here…it’s all genetic, right?

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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