We Are Open This Weekend!

Tonight is Hallowe’en and depending on the age of your kids, it can be anything from the most exciting night of the year to just another evening.

The thing that most of us have in common is that we have kids come to our door, we open it, they ask for something and we provide it to them. This Saturday, your school will be repeating this process as we hold our first Open House of the year when we open our doors to prospective students and families to tell them about what we can provide. Like Hallowe’en can be, it is a very exciting day for us as we are anxious to show others what you already know…that we have great students, teachers, programming, and facilities.

At the Primary Campus, families can tour the school, speak with teachers in their classrooms and take part in a presentation with the administrators in the gym. If they think the school would be a good fit for their child(ren), we invite them to come for an assessment early in 2014. At the Main Campus, families take a tour of the school with one of our ambassadors to get a student perspective on life at Mentor and then meet the administrative staff during an informal presentation in O’Brien Hall. Interested students are encouraged to return for the first entrance assessment of the year (Saturday, January 11).

The process is much the same at TEAM School (tour, presentation, Q&A opportunities) but because of the individualized academic programming we offer, the admissions process can also be individualized. If there is space in a grade, we are sometimes able to have a student come for a “visiting day” soon after the Open House and even start at our school shortly after that. The most amazing thing to me about the process is, despite the stress that usually accompanies moving to a different school, it is quite often the student who begs Mom or Dad to let them come to this “new school”.

If you have any family, friends or colleagues who are considering our schools, please share this update with them and tell them to let us know who sent them!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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