Christina’s Two Cents

If you are a student who is always handing assignments in at the last minute, take some solace in the knowledge that Mr. Petrosian routinely reminds me that my deadline to have this introduction is looming. Grandma Starkey, who reads our update every week, will no doubt remind me that I have not changed since high school in this regard. What is more amazing to me than actually thinking about something to write each week is the number of times when this introduction writes itself.

I was sitting at my desk 22 minutes ago wondering what topic would come to mind when I received a message from a former student who commented on a Facebook post in our alumni group about the importance of senior high school years and university. I think it speaks volumes.

Hi Mr. Starkey!!!! This is Christina from waayyyyyyy back when!! I hope you are doing well!! Thanks for accepting me to the Mentor/TEAM fb group. Mentor was the foundation of so many great things in my life so I wanted to give my two cents about the curriculum as well.

I attended Mentor from SK-Grade 10. The two greatest experiences I am always thinking about and thanking Mentor for (among many) in terms of academic success in Medical School (currently in 3rd year) is Mrs. Petrovic being so hard on us in grade 7 and Mr. Milkovich pushing us to the brink of our abilities in high school English. After I left Mentor, I attended a high school in Toronto for Grade 11 and 12 and all the hard work Mentor had put into me all those years almost went to waste. Grade 11 and 12 is when you are learning the actual curriculum that will pull you forward into undergrad and it is a CONTINUUM OF MATERIAL AND STUDY HABITS. These things go hand in hand and one is no more or less important than the other. How involved the teachers are in making sure that students develop GOOD STUDY HABITS and REALLY KNOW THE MATERIAL WELL and how much the work load is all the time so that they understand that a lotttttt of time needs to be put into every lecture of every course to get it down pat.

I was roommates with Rachel in 1st year university and my two years away from Mentor really showed. We were quite similar in Grade 7 in terms of academic performance, but by the end of high school, it was clear who had the better training based on how we did in 1st year. She aced every course and I squeaked by with 70s and 60s. I agree with Nick’s post that your 1st year has a domino effect on the rest of university and can make or break your ultimate goal. (My goal was medical school but it was NOT a Caribbean medical school!) OK, gotta run! ER consult! Cheerio!

Even though it makes me feel REALLY old (as I remember teaching all these students as early as their Grade 5 year), I love getting this kind of feedback

Enjoy the long weekend!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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