Have A Safe & Enjoyable March Break!

Well I think it is official…everyone I know is sick of winter.

I think I may have been the last holdout. I was gazing appreciatively at the fluffy, fat flakes falling on Tuesday and thought “this is so nice”. The following day, when I was walking to the Primary Campus in the fresh carpet of white and realized that there was still about 10 centimetres of thick ice on the field that is going to take forever to melt though, I decided that enough is enough. I love snow and like the cold but I do not like slush.

If you are a skiier, I know there is no way the base is going anywhere in the next 2 weeks so I hope you get some great spring skiing done. If you are making like Anne Murray and Snowbirding somewhere, soak up the sun while you can; you are just going to get soaked when you get back…with wet snow and slush! And if you are going to be staycationing this March Break, I have a feeling that the maple trees are just itching to ooze out some sugary goodness for you so go find a sugar bush and enjoy! Grade 5 students especially should be excited about this; next month, you will go to the Outdoor Education Centre for the first time and you will learn how to tap that sap yourselves!

Have a great holiday and we will return to your inbox on March 27th!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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