Wishing Everybody A Great Summer!

I was interested to hear from a few of you after my musings on “the last day of school” last week that your children actually were not looking forward to last Friday because they were going to miss school, their teachers and their friends over the summer. And from the litres of tears shed at the end of the Grade 8 graduation dance, it seems as the end of the Mentor/TEAM school year was more bitter than sweet for the Class of 2014. I don’t know what these families do when it comes time for the grand finale of their backyard fireworks show on Canada Day…do the kids throw a bucket of water on the burning schoolhouse?!?

On Tuesday, we said a final good-bye to our Grade 12 graduates of Mentor/TSS as they celebrated their prom. They were not as melancholy as the kindergarten students about the end of the school year as they are all looking forward to the next chapter in their academic lives and the independence of post-secondary student life. For oldtimers like me, though, it was sad to see the last of some long-time students who are coming from families of three (or more) students. Brianna is the last of the three Ananthans to graduate from the school and her family has been a huge supporter of the school for many years; Dad gives us a ringing endorsement in our promotional video and Mom has been at every Marauder volleyball, soccer and rugby game I can remember. Not to be outdone, the Begna, Bogoje, Marchioni and Santelli families are sending their second (or third!) “babies” off to university in September. And finally, there are five (by my count) families who will have one less body in the van to school next year as one of the Boyds, Harringtons, Iabonis, Sharps and Whytes starts a family tradition for their brothers and sisters to follow.

So whether you have one child with us or a whole vanful, I hope that this summer will be a relaxing one for you and your family and that we will see you once again in September. On behalf of Mr. Philbrook, Mr. Macdonald, the principals and staff, I thank you for giving us the privilege of working with your children and with you, the parents, this past school year and hope that this summer will provide you with many memorable moments with your family.

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College/TEAM School

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