Humble Beginnings Lead To Great Things

Like the school itself, many of the school events that we host each year had relatively humble beginnings. But whether the event is graduation, the charity fashion show or our musicals, there is some commonality. In each case, there is a core group of students who want it to happen, at least one teacher who agrees with them, a principal who gives the event the “green light” and supportive parents who ensure that their children get to and from the meetings, practices and the event itself. It is a fascinating process and even though they are not our students, we are proud of the way a group of our parents has somewhat replicated this for an event that happens tonight.

Four years ago, a group of women got together to decide on a way to raise money for the Credit Valley Hospital. “Fashion With Flare” was born and even though the school did not have an official role in the event at its inception in 2011, guests tonight will be very aware of the Mentor/TEAM presence…and not just because we now are the title sponsor! The organizing committee is made up almost entirely of Moms who currently or once had children attending our schools. I imagine that once again this year, the volunteer student base will have a large Mentor/TSS contingent and the MC is a former student of ours, Matthew Maida.

Add all this together plus the fact that the event is in memory of Jenna Santelli, a 12-year old student of ours who passed away four years ago at the Credit Valley Hospital from complications due to cancer, the decision for the school to be the title sponsor is an easy one. We know we will see lots of students, parents, alumni and teachers there tonight and we thank you for making this non-school event a successful one once again. Come visit the “principals’ table” tonight and say hello. We will be smiling extra wide because we don’t need to wear our ties and (for a change at a school event), we don’t need to stay behind afterwards to stack chairs or take out the garbage!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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