Almost Time To Put Your Helmets On

We have been blessed with the presence of some wonderful speakers and famous people during our Speaker Series. For parents, Peter Mansbridge, Stephen Lewis and David Suzuki were household names for our generation (and our kids’) and Craig Kielburger is certainly the Canadian face of youth activism as the co-founder of Free the Children and the Me to We movement.

I think it is safe to say that we have not had a speaker who brings together both generations like former astronaut Chris Hadfield, though. Not only did he have a really cool job but through his use of social media and his engagement with the youth of Canada and the world, he was elevated to “rock star” status (and it helped that he used a classic rock song by David Bowie to keep the old folks like me interested!). He is just as current today as he was when he was on the International Space Station as he is in the middle of a book tour (#3 book in North America) and is a consultant for an upcoming ABC comedy based on that book as well.

If you are not a Grade 8 to 12 student and have not yet picked up your guest ticket for the lecture next Wednesday, you need to do so. There are fewer than 50 tickets remaining and we cannot guarantee seating if you arrive next Wednesday without a ticket! If you have a ticket, you are reminded that a freewill donation will be accepted for Mr. Hadfield’s charity of choice, the Canadian Red Cross. Please join this down-to-earth guy who believes that the sky is not the limit.

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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