Know What Do To When It Snows!

As you know, this weekend marks our Mid-Autumn Holiday (no school Friday or Monday) and just like the first sighting of a robin is a sign of spring, this weekend (for our schools) is the first sign of winter. The second sign of winter here at Mentor/TEAM is the appearance of the “Snow Day” link on our websites (go check it out right now if you like).

We have three different types of “Snow Days” at our school. The first type (or “full” Snow Day, if you like) occurs when the weather conditions are such that we need to close the schools for the day. The second type (or “partial” Snow Day) occurs when our school buses are cancelled for the day due to inclement weather but our schools are open for those who are willing and able to come.

The third type is not an actual Snow Day but is what I like to call an “It Is Snowing Day”. This usually starts the afternoon before with a zealous Weather Network host who mentions the phrase “storm of the century” and by the time classes end, everybody is planning on how they are going to spend the day off only to wake up the next morning to a “light dusting” of snow.

Snow Days are rare but they do happen so here is a handy guide on how to get this information:

1) the Snow Day link on the websites is the very first place to be updated (you can’t imagine the number of times that this page gets refreshed on a snowy morning!)

2) the second time we publish the information is via a special weather bulletin in the email newsletter…if you are reading this message, you will be informed.

We will also send out messages on our Facebook and Twitter feeds but these messages will simply point you to the Snow Day link. We do NOT contact any radio or TV stations nor do we inform any internet news sites about Snow Days.

Have a relaxing long weekend and “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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