At the end of the Inside Ride event, I was pleased to speak to our student, teacher, and parent participants. I told them that they were amazing; but more importantly, that what they had done was amazing. Their fundraising totals for the event and their enthusiasm during the day was amazing and they had truly made a difference in the efforts to eliminate children’s cancers in supporting SickKids, Coast to Coast Against Cancer, and Jenna’s Angels.

We have had a number of special events at Mentor and TEAM recently. As a group of students and teachers, we have found these events to be truly moving and memorable, fun and meaningful.

Why do we do have all of these special activities and events at Mentor College and TEAM School?

Definitely, these activities provide an opportunity for our students to participate in an event. The events foster school spirit and a sense of community across the campuses and divisions of TEAM and Mentor. Leadership opportunities abound for our students when they get involved in these initiatives. We showcase our fantastic students and their many talents of course, but the awareness that they take away from these activities is so important. They gain an awareness of some of the challenges that families may face. Most importantly, they learn the importance of giving back to the community, whether through time and effort, or financial donation. The special events and activities encourage our students to adopt an understanding of giving back, and they become leaders in their school community who want to give back to the larger community.

In the past few weeks we have seen our students involved in many events and activities where they were involved, enthusiastic participants in the community. Students have participated with the Outreach clubs at the Humane Society, the Children’s Aid Toy Room, and they have visited Armagh House, senior centres, and have presented Memories to Music in partnership with the Alzeheimer Society-Peel; students worked at the gingerbread build in support of Habitat for Humanity, supported the Make-a-Wish campaign, our elementary choirs and Leaders for Change group will visit local retirement residences before the Christmas break, and our high school play production in December will support Doctors Without Borders and Gua Africa.

All of these are examples of events where our amazing students truly shine. Thank you, parents, for supporting the students in their many initiatives. Thank you also to the many teachers who devote time and effort in “leading by example, and inspiring excellence” in our students’ participation in the many activities provided by our school. Our students surely will grow up to be leaders in their community who will be participants in various opportunities for involvement, giving, and community outreach. Our students are amazing, but more importantly, what they have done is truly amazing!

Chuck Macdonald
Mentor College / TEAM School

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