Winter Wear Reminders

Winter has finally arrived and with it has finally come some very chilly weather! We were looking at pouring rain and plus 10 degrees just over a week ago!

Just so you are aware, the school has a guideline that we do not have outdoor recess whenever the windchill temperature reaches minus 20 degrees. Our youngest students are the most prepared for minus 20 degree weather as they come into school bundled up in their hats, scarves, mittens, jackets and snowpants but ironically, they end up being indoors while our high school students head off-campus for lunch in no more than a hoodie to protect themselves from the cold!

Please give your high school child a reminder that they are not “just going from the car to the school door” each day and that they need to bundle up for their lunch hour travels. I know this will be difficult for us as parents (because our parents never had to say “wear a hat” or “where is your winter coat?” to us, right?) but we do want to keep everyone healthy as we head into the mid-year tests later on in the month!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College/TEAM School

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