Focussed On The Next Few Months

I think the only way you can describe this week as “spring weather” is if you call it “weather that occurred after the first day of spring”. I was glad that someone talked me out of taking the snow tires off of the school vans over the March Break as it doesn’t look like we are out of winter’s grip yet!

The last 12 weeks of school are a succession of exciting events with behind-the-scenes hard work. Our elementary students do not get the applause and laughter at the musicals and drama productions without practicing lines and songs at home and at the many rehearsals. Grade 8 students are continuing to work hard at their studies and anxiously looking ahead at their first opportunity to “choose” the courses they take next year in high school. Our Grade 12 students are even more focussed on their studies in the next few months as they see the value in obtaining good results in order to get the letter of acceptance (or do they just email now?) from their favourite post-secondary institution.

And when you add a whole bunch of assemblies, field trips, banquets, games and tournaments to the regular school day, it makes TEAM School and Mentor College an even more exciting place to be in the final few months of the school year. You are going to be part of the experience next year again so if you haven’t returned your registration package for the 2015-2016 school year yet, please do so immediately as our second major entrance assessment cycle begins next week!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College/TEAM School

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