All Divisions of Mentor/TEAM To Perform In Historical Performance Tonight

From 1987 to 1993, all of our divisions were at the Main Campus and only with the benefit of hindsight, I suppose we could have called it “Only Campus”. We were bursting at the seams by 1993 but I kinda miss those days when the senior boys’ rugby player would pop in to eat lunch with his Grade 1 teacher and her class and when a family of 5 siblings could all be under the same school roof. With our growth in enrolment in the 1990s, expanding to the TEAM (1993) and Primary (1996) campuses was necessary but it was inevitable that many of the school’s special events (Meet the Teacher Night, Speech Night, etc.) had to be split up.

Tonight’s 7:00 concert at the Main Campus, though, promises to be a true “Throwback Thursday”. For the first time in few years, we are pleased to showcase the musical talents of students from each of the divisions (TEAM, Primary, Intermediate and High School) AND for one very special number, we will have students from Grades 1 to 12 performing together. All four of our school choirs will join forces to sing “Eternity” and school director Mr. Macdonald (who started his career as a music teacher and choir director) says it will be the most moving choral piece ever performed in the history of the Festival of the Arts. No pressure!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

PS: If you find yourself near the Main Campus anytime before 9:00pm, it will be your last opportunity to view the senior art show “Ataraxia”. And even though the idea of TSS was not a possibility in 1993, this show is another example of combining our campuses’ talents as works from graduating TSS and Mentor students are featured.

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