New Year, Get Involved!

With the first day of the school year in our rear-view mirror and back-to-school routines slowly falling into place, it is time for all of us to start looking further ahead into the school year.

Next Tuesday, a notice will be sent home with all of the extra-curricular activities available to your child this year. I will warn you; it will seem like a very daunting list and no matter how much your child may protest, there is no way that he/she can do everything. I do want to encourage you, however, to ensure that your child is getting involved in something each term.

For new students, it might be tempting to say “let’s concentrate on academics and then join something later in the year” but we think it is important for our new students to get involved right away. When I look back at being the new kid at a school 4 times in my educational career, it was the almost-instant feeling of acceptance by getting involved in extra-curriculars that made the transition easier.

You know your child the best, though. If they are the type of student who needs a little “nudge” to get involved, please let the homeroom teacher know.

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College/TEAM School

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