What We Are All About

Just prior to the graduation ceremony for the Mentor/TSS Grade 12 Class of 2015 last Thursday, one of our high school teachers was putting on his gown and hood and made the (paraphrased, and I say that because it doesn’t sound like proper English) comment, “This is the day that we are all about”.

Indeed, Grade 12 graduation is the day we are all about as a school that prepares its students for post-secondary success. The students were brimming with excitement about their first month of school and told their teachers that they had so much confidence in their own abilities after seeing what their skill level was in comparison to many of their classmates.

On Tuesday, we christened the new field at the Main Campus with a rugby match against a school from Scotland. Kevin Vertkas was the first Mentor player out onto the field and he went to the centre logo, sat down, ran his hands across the turf and looked up into the sky as if to say “Finally!”. Kevin was a student at the Primary Campus when the idea of an artificial turf field was first proposed to Mr. Philbrook, Mr. Macdonald and I so watching that little scene made me think that after all the issues with permits and delays, this is the day we are all about.

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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