Thank You For A Busy Saturday!

When we renovated the field at the Mentor campuses last summer and installed the Dome in November, we knew that our current families would be able to appreciate the difference. At our Open House last Saturday, I was inside the Dome to answer questions and three of the families who came in were actually current families! They had a son/daughter writing the entrance assessment but they were excited to see the Dome themselves because as one Mom put it “Our son talks about it every day but we haven’t had the chance to come inside it yet!”

Our current families notice the improvement but we were not expecting the “buzz” from people outside the Mentor/TEAM community. One family told us that their middle son wanted to come because in his words, “they have an awesome soccer field and a Dome” and “Mentor always has the best sports teams”. Even the casual observer has noticed; my mortgage broker (to whom I speak every 5 years) complimented me on how we have improved the community and that “it really looks sharp from the GO Train!”. Local training facility SWAT knows about our facilities and this afternoon brought CFL star Chad Owens to the Dome for a video shoot.

Our policy of re-investing in the school’s facilities, staff and instructional materials paid off with a very busy Saturday at every division of TEAM and Mentor but we continue to value the personal recommendations that you make to your circle of friends. Thanks again and we accept the challenge of affirming that trust.

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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