A Well-Anchored Education

It has been a fun week for me with our alumni Facebook page as a number of students who graduated in the early 1990s have been posting and commenting on old photos. In addition to a few confessions about things that happened that they thought the administration didn’t know about, there were comments like Alba’s saying,”those were the best years of my life”.

The whole thread started with a “share” called “25 Normal Things You Do in Private School”. Some of their favourites included:

3. You own inordinate amounts of summer clothes, because that is the only time you can wear your own clothing.

5. “Free” dress days (which you definitely had to pay a dollar for), caused you endless anxiety, because this is probably the only time you’ll get to show everyone at school how great your sense of fashion has become.

There was only one “negative” comment. One girl who spent 15 years with us says she will never wear a kilt ever again but it was quickly pointed out to her by her classmates that nobody else has either! What made the trip down memory lane all the most memorable was that current Mentor HS English department head Mrs. McGivern was in a homeroom photo with her first class. The alumni noted that it was her first class when she was fresh out of teachers’ college so I pointed out that her son Chris (a Mentor grad) is now on track for teachers’ college as well. They thought that it made THEM feel old!

Our SK to Grade 8 students will be presenting their speeches in a few weeks. If you take a look at the end of the “What’s New?” items this week and you will see that one of our Grade 8 grads still fondly remembers her time with us (over 20 years ago), saying “Speech Night was my favourite night of the year”. Listen closely to those speeches…maybe we have another TV news anchor among us?!?!?

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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