This Will Be a “Lot” of Fun

This is the time of year when we have lots of guests at our schools. The year-end musicals (tonight at the Primary Campus and next week at TEAM School and Mentor Intermediate), year-end assemblies and Grade 8 graduation ceremonies see many smiling parents and friends of our students in the audience. It puts a bit of a strain on our parking lots and we need to utilize street parking so make sure you give yourself a little extra time in order to get to that school event before it begins.

This is also a time when we have some “fun” and a few folks have been asking “What is happening with Fun Day since we can’t have it on the field anymore?” Don’t worry! In addition to the usual selection of exciting amusement rides, we have added some extra attractions (including an inflatable soccer field!).

The catch? The rides will be placed in the north parking lot (the section along Queen Street) at the Main Campus and this will mean that everyone will need to be a bit more creative (and patient) at that campus during pickup and dropoff times. The evening performances of “Beauty and the Beast” will also be affected by this. Our high school students are in the midst of their final examinations and do not attend every day so this will help with the number of vehicles moving through the lot during the day but even if it gets a bit busy, Mr. Macdonald and his crew of lot attendants (Mr. Philbrook, Mr. Cowle, Mr. Milkovich and I) will keep things moving for you.

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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