Support Is A Parent

img_1345It is no secret that everyone wins when parents are engaged in their child’s education. Students with active parental support have greater academic success, stay in school longer, and also become supportive parents for THEIR child’s education later in life.

Parental support comes in many different forms. When I was a student, my parents were always interested in how I was doing at school. I only remember two times when they visited the principal because of me (not counting the time my Mom was the supply teacher for my class and she sent her only son to the principals’ office for being sassy!) but I do remember the support they gave me for my extra-curricular activities. Volleyball started in the first week of high school and because I lived in the country, this meant arranging for after-practice transportation. Volleyball season melded into basketball season (followed by badminton and track and field without a break in between) so I was constantly in their debt for a ride home. Even when I got my drivers’ licence, I know that having the car meant that one of them was going without a vehicle for the day.

At the HS Athletic Banquet each year, the student-athletes get the opportunity to acknowledge their coaches but I always remind them to go home and thank their parents for giving them the opportunity to play because coaches and players are not the only ones who sacrifice some sleep for a 7:00am practice! It is not just our sports programme that requires this form of parental support; many of our clubs, arts groups, and academic competitors have meetings outside regular school hours that require an adjustment to your day as parents as well. I am sure your kids thank you on a regular basis for this extra effort but I would also like to thank you from the school’s perspective. Without “Mom/Dad’s Taxi”, we can’t provide the same quality or quantity of programming. We are highly-regarded for our academics of course but we know from our results in sports tournaments, academic competitions and arts’ performances that we are well-known for our extra-curricular programmes as well. So when you see your child’s name in a drama playbill or a certificate from an academic competition or get the chance to see them win a sports championship, please know that you had a part to play in that success!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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