Thank You!

Despite the fact that we still have a day of school left in 2013 and that the day is a very busy one (holiday assemblies, class lunches, report card handout, etc.), I would like to take the opportunity to say some “end-of-the-term” thank yous.

THANK YOU to the staff who provide all of the in-class and extra-curricular opportunities that you read about each week in this newsletter. You believe teaching is a calling and not just a job and it shows every single day.

THANK YOU to the parents who have entrusted us with the care and education of your children. We hope that you remain confident in our efforts and that you continue to recommend our school to your friends and relatives; I can tell you right now that 90% of the prospective families who will attend our first Open House on January 11th will be referrals from the parents of current students and this is proof that you are just as proud of the school as we are.

THANK YOU to the students who bring us joy, laughter and pride. You might provide us with some frustration now and then as well, but the adults in your life would like to thank you for keeping us young (while at the same time making us feel old!). We both appreciate and envy your enthusiasm for learning…and for life.

And finally, THANK YOU to you, the subscriber to this newsletter. We have present and past parents, relatives, students and teachers who get the update each week and we hope that you enjoy what you read and see. You will get another update in 2013 next week before we give editor Mr. Petrosian and his contributors a Winter Break of their own.

Enjoy the holidays and remind your kids about the three Rs…relax (give those brains a rest), reflect (take some time to think about what could improve next term) and recharge (come back ready to tackle the challenges of 2014).

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College/TEAM School

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