Friends With No Plans This Weekend? We Are Open!

Over the holidays, we got LOTS of winter weather. The ice storm claimed a number of branches of our trees but our schools were pretty fortunate in losing just one tree (one of the birches) when the weight of the ice sent it toppling. The winter weather continued this week with more snow and a “polar vortex” that put the thermostat in the minus 20s. For the most part, everyone bundled up and our school week went on as normal (with the exception of a day of indoor recess). We might not feel fortunate, but the schools in my hometown of Goderich have been closed all week. Ironically, there are 20 tractor-trailer-loads of salt from the Sifto salt mine in town sitting in the Canadian Tire parking lot who cannot go anywhere because all the roads in and out of the town are still closed because of snowdrifts up to 10 feet high!

As Canadians, we love variety in our weather so the next few days should be a wonderful, slushy mess. If you know of a family whose skiing weekend plans have been thwarted by 8 degrees and rain, let them know that we are having an Open House on Saturday so the weekend won’t be a total loss! Entrance testing (the first of the year) will take place at the Main Campus and families interested in Primary Campus or TEAM School admission can visit on Saturday and sign up for an entrance assessment later in the month.

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College & TEAM School

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