Keeping You Informed Through The Winter Months

We managed to make it through another one of those promised “Snowmageddon” events this week. I think the fact that I grew up in a snow belt area (Goderich) has jaded my outlook on these storms and it seems as though more wind is created talking about them than actually blows during the storm! I was in Ottawa with two of our volleyball teams this past week just a couple of days after 50 centimetres of snow had fallen and with the exception of a couple of side streets that were down to a single lane with the snowbanks, it was business as usual (at least until it rained all night and the city streets looked more like Venice!).

To be fair to meterologists, most of them became less sure of their predictions as the storm approached and passed along their uncertainty. “Better safe than sorry” would be a good description of this. Just so you know, the school takes these same precautions. We always have a plan (and a Plan B and a Plan C) in place whenever inclement weather may disrupt our school day with regards to extra-curricular activity cancellations, school bus cancellations or school closures. After we decide, you are the next to know as the plan is always shared via our Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as through this, our email update!

Chris Starkey
Administrative Principal
Mentor College / TEAM School

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