OEC Highlights For 7/8: Canoeing, Fall Colours, Amazing Race

The seasons at the OEC (Outdoor Education Centre) are flying by, as usual. The Grade 8s of Mentor and TEAM started off the year early in September and continued each week through October. Every group participated in the highly-anticipated canoeing programme on Ryde Lake – enjoying gorgeous fall colours, wildlife viewing, and a trip through the Tree Museum. The Grade 8 session were focused on leadership – while being challenged at high ropes, low ropes, and the stream study. Each group also created a leadership video group project – which was viewed by everyone at the end of each week.

Following the Grade 8s were the Grade 7s – whose programme typically starts with some enjoyable fall weather, but can become unpredictable with snow, sleet, hail and rain. The students were well prepared for whatever Mother Nature had in store for them while we challenged them to a full day’s worth of the OEC Amazing Race and helped them to step outside of their comfort zone at times as they attempted to conquer Team-All-Aboard-High-Ropes Challenge. We cannot forget about the Animal Survival Game – where students are part of an experiment to see if they can accurately portray an animal in the woods searching for food, water and shelter, all the while trying not to be preyed upon or infected by disease.

Immediately following the break, the Grade 6s will be on their way up to the OEC to strap on the snowshoes, navigate the forest via GPS, and glide down the cross-country ski trails. Well, at least until their skis cross each other and they do a face plant into the ample snow that we are expecting … and hoping for. So, Grade 6s, pack your wool socks, and warm layers, and get ready for a Muskoka winter adventure that you will never forget! Grade 5s, in the spring when the ground thaws and the sap begins to run, we look forward to seeing you here!

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Brian Scheill & Heidi Smith
Outdoor Education Teachers
Mentor College/TEAM School

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